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Cell Phone Case With Adjustable Strap







    • Made in the U.S.A.
    • Our handmade women's handbags are proudly made in the USA from gorgeous, hand-cut tapestry fabrics and water-resistant nylon lining, interfacing throughout, edge-binding on all exposed seams, woven nylon straps, YKK zippers, and heavy-duty nylon thread.
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    • Made in the U.S.A.
    • Our handmade women's handbags are proudly made in the USA from gorgeous, hand-cut tapestry fabrics and water-resistant nylon lining, interfacing throughout, edge-binding on all exposed seams, woven nylon straps, YKK zippers, and heavy-duty nylon thread.
    • Stylish and comfortable with an adjustable nylon webbing strap that adjusts from 32" to 58" to be worn as a Shoulder Bag, Crossbody Purse or around the waist
    • Mini travel purse is the perfect size for your smartphone, wallet, or passport, measuring 4¾" wide x 7¾" high; fits even the largest smartphones including Apple iPhone 6, 7, 8, X, 11 Pro Max, 12 Pro Max, 13 Pro Max - with their case on too! Fits all Samsung phones including S8, S9, S10, S20, S21, S22, all Galaxy models; fits all LG phones, Motorola phones, Google phones, and many other cellphone brands.
    • Secure top zipper closure keeps cell phone, wallet, and travel documents secure; a convenient open pocket in the front can hold your earbuds, keys, even some dog treats
    • Measures: 4¾" wide x 7¾" high
    • All bags have black strap and trim with gold hardware
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    Just received this beautiful cross-body phone purse, and I just LOVE it!!! The fabric colors and designs are beautiful, and the fabric is nice and soft!!! The quality of the bag is very, very nice! Being a seamstress myself, I notice whether something is sewn well and whether it looks nicely or cheaply made. This has an expensive, high-quality look to it. The colors and quality of the purse are VIBRANT and appealing to the eye and actually look exactly like it does on the webpage! The stitching is perfect and professional, and even the lining is sewn nicely. In addition, the lining feels like it might even be waterproof! My iPhone 7+ fits perfectly in the pocket--slides in easy and is secure so it won't fall out! There is a second zippered compartment to put more stuff inside, like money, credit cards, tissues. I even have room to put my sunglasses inside! An added bonus!!! I will definitely buy more of these, and am thinking right now about buying some for my friends! I wouldn't buy anything for a friend that I didn't absolutely love myself, and I LOVE this cute little purse! Also it was a SPEEDY shipment!! Greatly appreciated as I needed it FAST!!


    Great For Large Cell Phones!

    After purchasing a Samsung Galaxy s10 5g, which as the Verizon rep told me is the biggest phone they sell right now, I soon knew that it was too tall to be safely stowed in most clothing pockets. And as I would like it on the ready for photos for many occasions and not buried in a bag somewhere, this crossbody cell phone purse has been the perfect answer. The strap adjusts such that I can either wear it across my body or I can shorten it and wear it as a waist purse. These purses are beautiful and lightweight. So far I have purchased three of them! The only change I might make would be to add another zipper pocket on the back, but then they would also be a bit heavier so there would be a trade off with how lightweight and comfortable they are now. Overall, a really great product! I highly recommend.


    This is a great small purse & cell phone holder combo! Beautiful tapestry fabric!

    I've been searching (in vain until now) to find a small cloth bag for my cell phone that could also accommodate a few other essentials (driver's license/ID, a couple credit cards, cash etc) that I could wear over my shoulder or cross-body. Women's clothing generally doesn't have pockets or they are too small for toting a cell phone. Even when there is a pocket on the back of your jeans, a cell phone can make your rear look bigger, & who wants that? This is a beautifully made cloth bag that meets my needs very well. There are two compartments: I carry my Samsung Galaxy S8 phone & case in the front open or 'drop' pocket so it's easy to retrieve; this pocket is good sized & could easily accommodate a larger phone. The back pocket is a bit taller (deeper) & has a zipper closure & can accommodate several items. The fabric is stunning & the stitching is well done (no loose threads etc). The long 1/2" wide nylon strap enables you to carry the bag either as a shoulder bag or extended to wear cross-body style (my preference when out & about). The strap is affixed via removable swivel hooks (very convenient) attached at the top of the bag through two layers of fabric, via grommets, so there should be no issue with tearing the fabric. This is a perfect little bag for carrying my cell phone around the house (no more setting my phone down & then walking away from it) & I can put my DL, a credit card or two & cash in the second, zippered compartment & head to the store. I'm so very happy with this bag. Thank you Danny K!!


    If you need a small "go" bag - this is it.

    I'm a skeptic ladies, so I am also a tough critic. This little gem has exceeded my expectations. It is extremely well made - no little threads sticking out from the edges, and the finishing is great. Truly shows the quality of being made in the USA. (Which is a main reason I purchased this.) I needed a small pouch to carry my large android phone and also fit my debit card, driver's license/insurance card and a couple others. I live in snow country so I use a large Land's End bag when commuting to carry my insulated lunch bag, shoes, book and needlework project during the winter. I was tired of stuffing my purse in it every day when I didn't need it. I looked for something small to carry my phone and cards when I have to stop on my way home to pick something up and want to just grab it out of the bag and run in a store. This is *absolutely* worth the reasonable cost! I will be attending a wedding soon, and will be buying another one to use there.


    Well-Made and Great Size

    This is a fantastic bag. I bought it because, well, cats first off, but it was made in the US and it was the specific size I was looking for; I was looking for just a small bag with a long strap to fit my wallet and phone and maybe a lipstick and keys. Because of the price, I wasn't sure what kind of quality I would get. I was completely shocked to receive something so well made. I liked the careful way it was packaged, too. The strap is very easily adjustable. This bag will fit you cross body. I suppose if you wanted to where it like a pouch around your neck you could if you had a sweatshirt or baggy shirt. I have a large size cell phone and a pretty thick wallet. Both fit comfortably in this bag along with a lipstick and keys. To be honest - I took the gamble on this because of the cute kitties and I am so glad that I did!


    Love this bag so much

    It’s attractive, lightweight, has an adjustable strap and two “compartments”. Cell phone in outer pocket is very handy. I wear around the house so I know my phone is always at hand. I use the zipper pocket for meds throughout the day for my very ill mother. If I need a small snack like cheese stick or granola bar when on the go, it fits right in the zip pocket with the pill case and of course my hair ties as well. If I take my actual purse on errands, this fits right inside so conveniently. I have the one with brown background and subtle circles with a contrast fabric. It’s great in quality and appearance. I would buy again in alternate colors. I no longer have phone/ med hunts all day!

    J T

    Nicely made, very useful

    The incredible lack of useable pockets in women's clothing results in both the inconvenience of having to carry it around OR laying it down and forgetting where it is. I bought this bag to address these problems. Although you can find a cheaper small cell phone bag, you will be hard pressed to find a more attractive one. Using this bag makes it much easier to have my phone with me while keeping my hands free. It has a nice pocket that can be zipped to secure items other than your phone. My phone slips in easily in the front pocket that has a arched edge that allows quick access and also make the bag more beautiful. I really like the long strap as I can easily adjust it to just the right height.

    K M

    Perfect for just the essentials!

    Perfect for my needs. I wanted a lightweight holder for my phone with room for my keys and a small money holder. My husband gave the blue and black tapestry to me as a Christmas present and the colors are beautiful. The strap is adjustable so you can wear it shorter on your shoulder or longer for crossbody. I put my phone in the outside pocket, I have an iPhone XR and use the zippered compartment to hold a thin credit card/cash wallet with my keys and hand sanitizer. Carrying only what you need during these COVID times is what I was looking for.


    Exactly what I was looking for

    I already wear a lanyard with I'd and 6 keys around my neck for work so I keep my phone and car fob in a small crossbody until I got a new phone and had to get a larger bag. This one is exactly as pictured. Very nice material, very light weight, but sturdy stitching and solid construction. My last bag was a vera Bradley, I like quality but the smallest of that brand that would hold this phone was too heavy. This is great. I keep my larger phone and a card in the zipper compartment and my work phone and key in the outer pocket. For the price this is just as good if not better quality as my Vera Bradley.

    Doc Pat

    A perfect little purse for walking

    I love this little purse. The fabric is stylish and can be worn with anything. The strap is adjustable and it can be worn across the chest and can sit on your hip which is perfect if you’re going for a long walk- you don’t even feel like you’re wearing a purse. The size is also perfect. It has a small outside compartment for a cell phone and what I really like about that compartment is that the front of the cell phone is slightly uncovered which makes it so easy to take the phone out as needed. The other compartment is zippered and perfect for putting money, a credit card, Kleenex, keys and other little things you need. I couldn’t be happier with this cute purse!


    This bag goes with me everywhere

    This bag and I are inseparable. The craftmanship is excellent. The bag in small and flat. It hangs close to my body and I hardly know its there. I almost didn't buy it because there is no room for my keys, but I can hook keys on the outside if needed. The bag holds my large size iPhone 12, my small wallet with my DR License and a few credit cards, some chapstick and a pen. I love it. I put my keys in my pants pocket. I run errands with it, I hiked with it and it allows me to carry just what I need. My friend loved it I was happy to refer her to this item.


    Made in the USA

    I was looking for a small phone bag as I need to keep mine available during the day and still use both hands. This bag is phenomenal! First, yes---MADE IN THE USA! Second, perfect size with a zipped top and deep outside pocket, long strap and elegant hardware. Third, it is beautiful. I had difficulty deciding which of the many choices of material to pick. I decided on the deep blue with gold paisley swirls, but so many others would have been equally as pretty. The product is more than described---stitches are complete and done well, the hardware, ie the grommets, zipper, clasps are well made and all work properly. So nice to buy a product made here that is made so well.



    Love, love, love! This is the perfect size, it holds more than you think, and it won't look bulky. I hate carrying anything, especially a big, heavy purse. I needed something to hold keys, phone, ID, pen, and some other small items. The strap is adjustable, and it's totally long enough for my fat butt to use as a crossbody! I love this so much, I think I need another!


    Checks all my boxes

    I don’t know about all the different phones and sizes, I just know what I have. It’s the bigger iPhone XS Max, in an Otterbox and it slides easily in & out of the front pocket. In the zipper section I can carry my inhaler, chapstick, ID, cash, credit card and reduced set of car/house keys. The strap extends enough for me to comfortably wear it as a crossbody and I’m a large chesty woman. It’s beautifully sewn out of quality fabric that’s durable and light weight. I’m using it for running errands so that I can stay functional and responsive to my surroundings without advertising a big easily grabbed purse.


    With limited space in my apartment, this solves some challenges ~

    That's a tall order for a little purse, right? I have a cell phone and few pockets (why do designers do that?) so when the phone rings I have to find it first. My apartment is small but I am on the downhill slide in age, so I don't move as fast as I used to. This clever crossbody purse has an adjustable strap which allows you to wear it around my neck so that my purse is at my chest. When I'm sewing, washing dishes, cleaning, making the bed, and moving from one room to another the phone is with me. When I took a fall I had it so I could call for emergency services. Easier than sending out a "Bat-signal", and help was quickly on the way.


    This is a beautiful USA made handbag

    This is a beautiful USA made handbag. The lining is attached inside and not flopping around inside the bag, the seams are flat and sewed together with no edges sticking out and the seams are straight. The zipper is sewn down and not left to flap so the zipper cant get caught in the edges. The hardware has the maker stamped in it and the strap is removable. The fabric is lovely and the strap is adjustable to very short or very long...you will definitely find a length that works for all body types.



    I wanted to like this bag because it's so pretty but didn't actually expect to be able to fit my iPhone 12 pro max into it. Thought I'd try anyway and am so glad I did. My phone (with case and knob thingy on the back) not only fits into the zipper pocket but it zips shut with enough room for my vaccination card etc. It would easily hold a passport and other things like driver's license, cash and credit card with the phone without getting bulky. Plus the front pocket doesn't get too tight to be accessible for things like boarding passes. And I could wear it under my blouse if I wanted to. I highly recommend it.



    I purchased this to carry my phone around my house. I have balance issues and use crutches, making it difficult to carry my phone around. I wanted something small and lightweight but stylish. I also didn't want to spend a fortune. So many other bags of this kind seem geared towards a specific phone and a frequent complaint seems to be " too small". I also wanted something that would allow quick access to my phone. The front, unzippered pocket of this bag does the job. As a petite person, I also needed an adjustable strap. It is also well made free of the quality " irregularities" I've encountered with " Made in China" products. I rarely find a product that is absolutely perfect to meet my needs and specs, but this one does.


    Exactly what I've been wanting

    First off, I'm happy & proud to be able to purchase an American made product. My new iPhone 13 Pro Max fits in both outer and zippered pockets with room to spare. The color & design is beautiful and has a lightweight feel to it. The adjustable strap is a nice touch as well, because there will be times when I want to shorten the strap and conceal my crossbody under my jacket for security reasons. This would make a wonderful gift!


    Quality product, beautiful fabrics

    Danny K Tapestry makes Quality products with beautiful colors, high quality fabrics, and impeccable craftsmanship. I’ve owned four of their bags over the last 10 years or so, (the first I bought at a craft fair) and each one of them is still in amazing condition. I’ve also given them as gifts, and my friends have loved them. Not only are the outer fabrics beautiful and durable, but the inner linings, stitching, and hardware are also reliably durable. I can be very hard on my purses. I used this little bag during Covid, so I wouldn’t have to put my larger purse down on contaminated surfaces. I wore the little one cross-bodied, and it held my cell phone, ID and credit cards, small hand sanitizer, Kleenex, lipstick, and a few keys. I will take my regular purse with me when I travel, but I will carry only the small bag when I go sightseeing.

    Deb L

    Gorgeous and holds essential items

    During the pandemic, I’ve only been running out for quick shopping trips, doctor visits, and other necessary errands. I don’t bring a full size purse because I don’t want to set it in the shopping cart or on the checkout counter. But fitting an iPhone7 plus with otter box, debit cards, keys, and hand sanitizer in my pockets has been a challenge. This Danny K purse is the perfect size to hold the minimum items and easy to leave over the shoulder. It’s well made, has adjustable strap, and very stylish. It’s so reasonably priced, I might spoil myself and buy a second one.


    Beautiful colors and quality made!

    I love the colors in this lightweight little purse. I love that the straps are completely adjustable, which just adds to its versatility. I love that it has PLENTY of room for my iPhone 8, and cash and credit cards as well, plus other stuff. The fabric is wonderful quality. It is woven, NOT printed. That’s unusual these days. The zipper compartment keeps my stuff secure, I don’t have to worry that it’s gonna fall out. I will use this a LOT!! I actually bought it for a trip to the coast, because it’s perfect for travel, but I know I’m gonna use this on an everyday basis now as well. I just may go back and buy another just so I have it in case this one ever does wear out! Just a great little purse!!


    Beauty and function in a perfect little bag!

    I love this little bag! It is the 3rd one I have purchased, because I love the different fabrics used. The fabric designs are really beautiful, and it is a good thing there are not any more, because I would probably want them all! I use them all the time as a crossbody pocket for my cell phone, and my various credit cards, driver's license, etc. They are so well made, with reinforced holes for the strap to hook on, and a really good zipper pocket to keep the contents secure! It is not big enough for all the junk I usually carry in a purse, but I can wear it under a jacket and still carry a larger handbag!. It frees me up to go shopping without carrying a big heavy bag that I have to dig in to find stuff. I get compliments on my little bag all the time.


    Stylish and well constructed

    I bought this for an unusual purpose: to attach to the outside of my wife's wooden garden tool caddy so she could have her cell phone with her but keep it out of the way of her tools. I chose it because of the size and what looked to be a cute design, and a reasonable price. When we opened the package, my wife loved it. Very cute design and what appears to be really nice construction. The inside zippered pouch is a nice touch. It mounted the tool caddy perfectly (thanks to the eyelets). Worked so great we ordered another. This is a very distinctive, stylish and - so far - quality phone purse.



    I was skeptical at first because I have the plus sized iPhone but it fits perfect with room to grow. I was determined to find a USA made product, its made in Los Angeles (my home town). The quality is great. zippers and strap are easy to adjust and use. The zipper pocket is very deep and holds my car fob, cash and card. It is big enough to hold more like a small money wallet, lipstick, kleenex or other crap you just have to take with you. This is a PERFECT purse for concerts and other outings that do not allow large bags anymore. It's so petite that security does not bother to search it. I will be buying another one a another color. DANNY K PLEASE DON'T STOP MAKING USA PRODUCTS.


    Love these bags!

    I bought two because they’re so easy to carry and attractive. I use mine to carry my phone everywhere I go. I’m a senior and afraid of falling, but I have my phone with me in case of an emergency. Now my sister wants one, as do my fashion conscience daughter-in-law and my stylish granddaughter. It’s my pleasure to purchase more so we all have them. Thanks Danny K for a quality product that makes life easier (and not carrying a heavy purse).


    Simple, functional, quality

    Even though it was "love at first sight," I wanted to experience this purse for awhile before offering my review. I especially love the simple, functional design and the neutral pattern, which coordinates with just about everything I wear. I'm a cyclist and my work is also physical, so I prefer to carry only carry basic necessities around my neck. So far, after using the purse every day, it's not yet showing any wear so is holding up really well. Will definitely be back for more.