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Handmade in the USA.

Maggie Purse







    • Made in the U.S.A.
    • Our handmade women's handbags are proudly made in the USA from gorgeous, hand-cut tapestry fabrics and water-resistant nylon lining, interfacing throughout, edge-binding on all exposed seams, woven nylon straps, YKK zippers, and heavy-duty nylon thread.
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    • Made in the U.S.A.
    • Our handmade women's handbags are proudly made in the USA from gorgeous, hand-cut tapestry fabrics and water-resistant nylon lining, interfacing throughout, edge-binding on all exposed seams, woven nylon straps, YKK zippers, and heavy-duty nylon thread.
    • Stylish and comfortable purse with a durable nylon strap that adjusts from 30” to 56” to be worn as a Shoulder Tote or Crossbody Bag
    • The medium-sized Maggie Purse is lightweight and roomy, measuring 11" wide x 10½" high x 3" deep
    • The top zipper closure is large enough for an iPad, the inside zipper pocket holds keys and valuables. A convenient open front pocket is perfect for boarding pass and a mask. Large zipper pockets on the front and back give easy access to your cell phone and glasses.
    • The perfect companion for work, home, or leisure
    • All bags have black straps and trim with gold hardware
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    Thank you for the personal service. I feel taken care of. I love your bags and have owned three over the years. People always compliment me on my purse.



    I love your bags. They're the only ones I use now. I receive so many compliments... I tell everybody to check out your website. The fabrics and the workmanship are second to none. I love that I'm purchasing an American product. Keep up the good work!


    My Favorite Purse Company

    This is my third Danny K bag. A new size and model for me. Love it! They are practical and beautiful.

    Victoria F.

    Quality Craftmenship

    I just switched over. The biggest plus is all the compartments! It is a beautiful purse. I love it. There are several reasons for my purchase aside from I loved style and look: it is made in the USA and it contains no animal products that I can find which is what I was looking for.

    Suzanne O.

    Love my custom bag!

    I purchased this bag many years ago in a museum gift shop. Love this bag! It is lightweight with a perfect set of little pockets to organize all I carry. The quality of these bags is outstanding And the designs are lovely and hard to choose from. The strap is adjustable and can be worn over the shoulder or Crossbody. The bag I Purchased that lasted for many years I got many states away from where I live. The strap on my new bag is a different material than the old strap that is still able to be attached to the new bag.

    Dawn T

    My new favorite bag!

    I just received my Danny K purse and couldn’t be more pleased. It’s absolutely gorgeous, well-made, the perfect size and has many pockets and compartments. I also love that it’s made in America.

    Debbie R Customer

    This is a beautiful bag!

    I first found this bag at a gift shop several years ago.. It seemed like a great crossbody purse so I purchased it. I am absolutely thrilled that I did! It's a beautifully made, perfect sized, great zippers and hardware, wonderful pockets, just a PERFECT purse! I love that it's American made, and my original bag has help up well and still looks almost new! I was thrilled that I found these same handbags on Amazon as I really wanted a darker color for winter. You will be very happy with the quality and the look of this handbag!



    I love DannyK. Bags. They use beautiful fabrics and are well constructed. Plus they are lighter weight than leather bags. I can’t say enough nice things about them. The price is reasonable and I have several for different occasions.

    Jan A. Rostov

    Danny K bags are always well made

    It is beautiful and has many zippers and pockets. It is bigger than I am used to, so it gets heavy fast. It will be great for travel

    Kathy B.


    Really well made! Lots of pockets and ones with zippers to hold your valuables:) Just the right size. And, I got it in less than 24 hours! My 2nd Danny K. Love them!


    Beautiful Bag

    I love this purse/bag. Rich fabric, well-made and the perfect size for me! Holds more than you think which is a big plus for me who is used to big bags. I can fit all I need and it’s not a big purse. Going to last a long time! Thank you!



    I've been buying Danny K bags for years. I discovered them at a local Fall Faire. I've slowly gone up in size as a bum shoulder healed. They're gorgeous and hold everything and are washable. Just lay flat to dry. I bought the same color for my first few, and then switched to this color. I really can't say enough good things about these purses/bags. I get a lot of compliments on them. I also have several of their tiny ones for traveling when I just want to carry my phone and lipstick to dinner. Once again, I LOVE THESE! ❤️ 😍


    Love this purse

    This purse is beautiful tapestry! It has all the compartments, zippers and space that I need. It is compact enough to be perfect for any destination.



    It's the perfect size for everything I carry. It has 2 outside zippered pockets and 1 open pocket I can slide my phone into.


    Great Light Weight Purse

    I love all the Danny K purses that I have purchased over the years. My only problem is that the zippers only last about two years before they stop working. Please use more durable zippers.

    Pam H.


    I love these purses because of the outside open pockets which I use for keys and glasses. This is my second purse and the strap has changed. I prefer the old style as it was wider and didn’t twist. This new model has a thinner strap which is constantly twisting.

    Beautiful but not great quality


    I love how this purse looks, and it's a great size with the right amount of pockets. But I've only had it a week and the fabric is starting to fray.


    Second Purchase

    I also have this bag in another color that I purchased years ago. I like it so much that I purchased this one to use as my go-with-everything black bag. It's so lightweight but roomy enough to accommodate a thick wallet and a large phone with plenty of room to spare.

    Zg Amazon Customer

    Beautifully made

    The texture and color reminiscent of Native American design. So beautiful and with well designed and ample pockets - four in all!

    M. Miller


    EDIT! EDIT! AGAIN! I'm on my 4th bag!! That's ENOUGH!! I love these!!EDIT! EDIT! EDIT! Loved the previous one in "Jewel", so much I HAD to get another in "black" to replace my old bag that was too big and dysfunctional. I LOVE these bags, so much. Perfect size, compartments are roomy and, YES, "functional!!! NOW, onto the original post! *I haven't even transferred my "stuff" into this bag and I already know I LOVE IT!! Perfect size, right amount & size of compartments and the colors are GREAT!! I have a gazillion t shirts and have looked forever for just the right size, multicolored crossbody that I can use for almost every one, and every day!! I am one happy camper!! 5 stars is NOT enough!!!!


    As advertised

    This is the third DannyK purse I’ve purchased. It arrived as advertised and in good condition.



    I had a Danny K. Purse for years and it was lost in my move to Texas. I have been wanting to replace it for a long time. I bought two and considering to buy more. The delivery came quickly with no issues.


    Best Bag Ever

    I carried a Danny K bag every day for well over a decade and it held up. Just the perfect size so that everything fit but it didn’t get too heavy for my neck and shoulders. Thanks to all the clever compartments I could find everything quickly and easily I had to order a replacement finally after many years. What gave way was the leather tab with the fixing to which one side of the strap was attached. I could’ve found a seamstress to repair it, but decided to go for a new bag I love the Danny K bags. The quality of these bags is outstanding And the designs are lovely and hard to choose from. The strap is adjustable and can be worn over the shoulder or Crossbody. I am so glad that they are available through Amazon. The bag I Purchased that lasted for many years I got many states away from where I live. The strap on my new bag is a different material than the old strap that is still able to be attached to the new bag. I’m not sure why the material changed for the strap, but I trust that it is still high-quality

    Lisa A. Mezera

    A little smaller than it looks on picture

    I really like this bag. It is beautiful. Even though it is a little smaller than what I thought it would be, it fits everything I need in it. Would definitely buy again!

    Olene Halle

    Beautiful fabric and extremely well made.

    This is the 3rd Danny K purse I have purchased. They are all thoughtfully made with plenty of space for all the things you want to carry. The tapestries are beautiful and make a wonderful purse. This purse will be perfect for spring. Will get another fabric for summer! Thinking of buying this purse, you won’t be sorry!

    Susan L. Pence

    Beautiful, but other choices would be great too!

    This purse is quality and half the price of the other in its category. Definitely a find! I would also love if they offered a more hobo design or something with a slightly more relaxed select fabric for those who also like something less structured. This is nice for those who carrying varying amounts of items.


    Best purse ever!

    I love this purse! I've been looking for one that is larger than a wallet but smaller than a satchel! This is it. Plenty of pockets but not bulky, even when full. Outer front slash pocket has two smaller pockets inside, perfect for my phone, pens, small notebook! Inside is large enough for my larger wallet, brush, etc, without everything dumping in the bottom. Small zip pocket holds small items. Back zip pocket also has separate compartments which hold lipsticks, eye drops--whatever small items you carry. The adjustable strap allows me to carry this bag as a crossover, and keep it close to my body when amid crowds. The design and construction is well worth the price. I'll buy another in a different design!


    Gray purse very bright gold metal parts not attractive

    Loved the size the quality and the design .. really don’t like the bright gold metal zipper latch buckles., detracts from the purse .

    Eileen P.

    Pockets in all the right places

    This is the third Danny K purse I have owned. I still have the other two that I bought 15 years ago and they still look like new. They are very durable, have great styling and best of all the right pockets in the right places. I have one that I travel with and the others for everyday use. Excellent quality and the price is right.


    organization and how bag looks

    I love the bag. Organization is great. My one dislike is the strap on the bag. This is not a cheap bag but it has a cheap strap. I had to order a leather strap for the bag. My one suggestion is that you up your game on the straps. I have used Vera Bradley bags for years because of their organizational qualities. Your bag does not take a backseat to that brand. I hope the strap I ordered works otherwise I will sadly have to send the bag back. Thank you very much for a bag I am sure I will enjoy if I am able to make things work as they should.


    I love this purse

    This replaced a similar sized Duluth Trading purse I had used for several years. The Danny K. bag has a sturdier strap (it is thinner, but made of more resilient material). The tapestry/upholstery material seems much sturdier as well. I am able to fit all I had in the other bag, but it is not bulky or bunchy. The purse looks fantastic, is comfortable to wear and holds all I need without being bulky. I feel like the pockets and zippers are well placed and I don't worry about anything falling out and getting lost like in my old purse. My old purse got dingy after a while because I often store it on the floor. This bag does not show the dirt because of the beautiful pattern, which also resists the dirt from grinding into the surface.

    Seattle Reader

    Beautiful handbag. Fine quality.

    Love this bag. I changed the strap to a brown leather one because it comes with a rather slender black nylon strap that looks pretty casual. Just a personal preference visually, and a wider strap also feels better on my shoulder. Wears well as a cross-body, so excellent for travel. The purse is exceptionally well made with beautiful tapestry. Lots of compartments are handy as well. The only thing I would change is to make it slightly larger. It is quite full with the usual wallet, cell phone, makeup, glasses, etc. I occasionally like to carry an extra item like a bottle of water or a book, and these won't fit. With just an extra inch, they would. Overall though, I highly recommend. Very versatile. Looks nice with jeans or with a dressier outfit.

    Amazon Customer

    Colors appear different

    Colors were not as vibrant as they appear on line. They look kind of muted, almost dull. I'm afraid the person the bag is intended for will not like it. I was trying to get another one like mine, which I purchased at the Ventura Harvest Festival in early November. The tapestry is gold pattern on black--really gorgeous. I couldn't find it in your inventory.



    This purse is perfect for me. Awesome colors, very well made & the size I like for an everyday purse. I’m a little gal so I don’t like carrying around a purse that I can fit in. Did I mention that it’s made in the USA! I’ll be doing more shopping here for sure.

    Christy Ventura

    Great purse - love it!!!

    I love this purse! It's the perfect size for an everyday or for a travel bag. The bag has a large center compartment with a zipper, and a smaller zip compartment inside. Lots of room in the interior...and it's big enough to hold a tablet along with your wallet, phone, etc. I even put a 1 liter water bottle in it when I traveled recently. There's a zipped outer pocket on each side of the main compartment and each one has smaller pockets to organize all of those little things that accumulate in your purse. Lots of storage space! The strap is adjustable so you can wear it on your shoulder or across your body. I love the colors of this purse... makes it a very versatile accessory. I've gotten lots of compliments on this purse. Highly recommended!


    Too flat.

    This purse arrived today. Although it is beautiful, I must return it because it is too flat. The description claims that the purse is 11" wide x 10.5" high x 3" deep. The first two measurements are close, but the last one is only true for the bottom of the purse. The front and back are sewn together on the sides, so it is actually 0” deep. My current purse measures 10” wide x 9” high x 3” deep. Even though it is supposed to be smaller, it holds tons more because it is 3” deep all around the bottom and sides.


    I have four different bags, love them all!

    I love the outside pockets, especially the open ones to slip my phone in and out of. The smaller size is great for little outings while the larger one is perfect for everyday needs.

    Bobby D

    I love the design of my new bag

    I love the design of my new bag, and the quality seems real good. The only reason I did not give it 5 stars is my personal preference regarding the strap and the zipper tab. When using the bag in the crossover way I find the strap uncomfortable after a short bit of time. It would be better if it was wider at the top, or had a softer material there. Also, the zipper tab would be nicer if it was a better quality. Even so, the bag is great.


    Fabulous Value

    The description and pics don’t provide enough details for this fabulous find. Outside front zipper compartment is spacious and has 2 slip pockets. Outside front open compartment has 2 slip pockets that are deep enough to prevent something getting pulled out by accident. Back Zipper compartment is roomy and also has two slip pockets. Main zippered compartment Is spacious and has a side zippered pocket. The ONLY negative I can add is the interior is dark brown fabric and would have been better with a lighter color.


    Danny K handbags are wonderful for travel

    This is my 5th Danny K handbag. I love the variety of styles and fabrics to choose from that they have become my go-to bag for whenever I travel. They are so well made. I like all the pockets and zippers so i know where my items are and feel safe with is closed up. Depending on the size you choose, you can even put your tablet or Kindle inside. I personally like the Maggie size the best, not too big but big enough to fit cheaters, sunglasses, cell phone, passport case, Kindle, etc. They are great!


    I LOVE this purse!

    This is the cutest purse with many zippered pockets. I love that it is adjustable and use it over the shoulder. I have received so many compliments in the short time I’ve owned it! I would definitely buy more for gifts.

    Janis Ross


    This purse is awesome. Not to big or small. Lots of deep outer pockets. Big enough for a Kindle but not an iPad. I loved it so much, I ordered a different print. The black with Swirls is beautiful. I get compliments all the time.

    Marci W.

    Love this bag

    This is my second Danny K bag. It really is the perfect bag. Not too big but with multiple compartments that fit everything you need to fit. Durable too. My first bag is going on two years of use and is still in great shape.

    Richard Buckner

    To thin strap

    I like this purse. It’s well done and beautiful colors. One thing I would change it’s the strap. It’s to thin. The strap is uncomfortable for the shoulder and back.

    phantom's mom


    Just beautiful. Always buy Danny K pocketbooks. Look great.


    Nice quality fabric bags.

    Light weight, quality fabric and well made bag.

    Steven Lawley

    Receiving compliments

    I’ve already had two compliments on this bag. It has lots of space and yet isn’t like an oversized bag. It’s perfect for a crossbody. The strap is long and adjustable. I’ll be considering some more of their styles in the future. I only use crossbody.


    Purchased a larger bag had intended. Glad I did as the smaller one would have cramped

    Liked the tapestry and the vivid colors. Liked that each side was different yet compatible.


    Beautiful and quality workmanship!

    This a beautiful bag with a multiple pockets and compartments. The fabric looks as though it will last forever!


    Beautiful! Made in the USA!!

    This bag is beautiful! It also has so many compartments! This will look great with jeans but beautiful enough for dressy occasions. This may be the first of many Danny K bags! I may order another for a gift. Plus MADE IN USA!!! I love it!